Episode 2: Week of January 23, 2015

We started this podcast of with Drew talking about some cool things from CES CocoJet, & Modibot. We then moved onto more entertainment stuff with Blob Chase,  & Creative Galaxy.

Jeff highlighted the love that he shares for Amazon and thats its currently Amazon Pilot Season and here’s the write up of Just Add Magic pilot episode http://owtk.com/2015/01/watch-just-add-magic-tv-pilot-amazon-instant-video/

Jeff has also been really enjoying HBO’s Togetherness & Annedroids on Amazon. Also if you would like to know which Organic White Truffle Olive Oil Jeff is currently using to dress his sautéed vegetables its this one.

Adam talked a bit about Strange Magic and the new SpongeBob Movie mobile game “Sponge on the Run” thats a lot like temple run.

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