Episode 39: Summer Camps

Whether your kid is into soccer, karate, tennis, robotics, fly fishing, unicycling, juggling, horseback riding, LEGO, Minecraft, coding, kayaking, baking, decoupage, or needlepoint, chances are there’s a summer camp perfect for them somewhere near your home.

On this summer camps episode of Dad.fm, the fellas discuss what their kids will be doing while school is out and then they wax poetic about the summer camps of their own childhood.

Special shout out to Camp Invention! Jeff is an ambassador for the nationwide STEM-based summer camp for the 2nd year in a row and his girls LOVE it!

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  1. Mike Reply

    Interesting conversation. Camps are a great way to stimulate your kids curiosity and desire to learn! Your decision to send them away is very dependent on the kid, your relationship with them, and your reason for sending them.

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