Episode 5: Brian Williams and Jon Stewart Shake Up The Nightly News

Brian Williams and Jon Stewart shake up the nightly news this week and so the Dad.fm trio discuss the 6-month suspension of ‘the most trusted’ man in evening news, Brian Williams, after he admitted to fabricating an Iraq War story (and possibly told other tall tales). Adam, Drew and Jeff opine about his future (or lack thereof) in the news business.

The crew then take on the late breaking news that nearly brought down the internet in a way that only Kim Kardashian’s backside could previously: Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show! The Dad.fm fellas pontificate on Stewart’s possible future plans — Brian Williams replacement on NBC? Family man tired of the nightly grind? Film director?

And speaking of backsides, Adam, Drew and Jeff also briefly chat about Allison Williams controversial scene in episode 401 of Girls and guess how her fallen newsman father might have handled it.

Give a listen!

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