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Episode 17: Ashton Kutcher and the need for more baby changing stations in men’s bathrooms

This isn’t breaking news: actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis had a baby. This also isn’t breaking news (to active fathers everywhere): there aren’t nearly enough baby changing stations in public areas and restrooms for men. Sometimes, the cult of celebrity is needed to move the needle on an issue many on the ground, dads

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Episode 9: New York Toy Fair 2015 recap

Both Adam and Drew attended this year NY Toy Fair. After seeing dozens of different brands and hundreds of new toys that will be releasing over the next few weeks and months. Drew has written about some of the app enabled toys that he saw at the Fair over on his Play column at Cooper

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Episode 2: Week of January 23, 2015

We started this podcast of with Drew talking about some cool things from CES CocoJet, & Modibot. We then moved onto more entertainment stuff with Blob Chase,  & Creative Galaxy. Jeff highlighted the love that he shares for Amazon and thats its currently Amazon Pilot Season and here’s the write up of Just Add Magic pilot episode http://owtk.com/2015/01/watch-just-add-magic-tv-pilot-amazon-instant-video/ Jeff has also been really enjoying HBO’s

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