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Episode 30: TTPM 2015 Spring Showcase

TTPM (Time to Play Magazine) had their Spring Showcase of the must have toys for this season.  Adam and Jeff discuss each of the booths at the showcase and their great offerings walking walking the noisy room. MOVIES THAT PACK THE MULTIPLEX With the arrival of summer 2015 comes some of the biggest blockbusters of

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Episode 29: Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron

Marvel’s Avengers 2 –Avengers: Age of Ultron is finally out! We’ve waited two years to see this film and boy do Adam and Drew dig into it. Make sure you check out Drew’s amazing posts about the cast interviews over on Avengers Spoiler-Free Review Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen

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Episode 25: Star Wars Digital Release

Today April 10th 2015 is a milestone for Star Wars fans everywhere… Thats because for the first time ever we can now purchase Star Wars in digital download.  There is a Star Wars Collection available on the iTunes Store and on Google Play currently for $89.95.  Otherwise you can purchase each film standalone for $19.95, so just

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Episode 9: New York Toy Fair 2015 recap

Both Adam and Drew attended this year NY Toy Fair. After seeing dozens of different brands and hundreds of new toys that will be releasing over the next few weeks and months. Drew has written about some of the app enabled toys that he saw at the Fair over on his Play column at Cooper

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Episode 2: Week of January 23, 2015

We started this podcast of with Drew talking about some cool things from CES CocoJet, & Modibot. We then moved onto more entertainment stuff with Blob Chase,  & Creative Galaxy. Jeff highlighted the love that he shares for Amazon and thats its currently Amazon Pilot Season and here’s the write up of Just Add Magic pilot episode Jeff has also been really enjoying HBO’s

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