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Episode 20: The Dad.fm Guys Play Catch Up

Despite what you might think, Adam, Drew and Jeff don’t chit chat too often off mic. It makes sense then that sometimes, the fellas need a good 40 minutes to play catch up, talk about what’s up and what’s coming up in our crazy lives. In this episode, the Dad.fm trio do just that as

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Episode 13: The Dad.fm Oscars Recap

In the wake of the surprises at the 2015 Academy Awards, Jeff runs down some of the big winners for the Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor and Actress categories. Drew then tells a cool story about a 2014 Big Hero 6 press junket that had him interviewing some of the players involved in

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Episode 3: Week of January 30, 2015

The guys jump right into cutting edge entertainment and toy news this week with Drew Bennett shedding light on Disney Junior’s new animated science show “Miles From Tomorrowland” (featuring recurring guest spots from Wil Wheaton, Bill Nye, Alton Brown and Mark Hamill) and and Ozobot, a new and thoroughly amazing little science toy. Jeff then

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