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Episode 40: Summer Vacation Plans

With school out and summer camps planned, the Dad.fm trio talk about their plans for the summer. Road trips, weekend getaways and vacations big and small are on the menu for Drew, Adam and Jeff as summer approaches. Where is your family heading this summer? Do you go far for vacation or plan a series

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Episode 20: The Dad.fm Guys Play Catch Up

Despite what you might think, Adam, Drew and Jeff don’t chit chat too often off mic. It makes sense then that sometimes, the fellas need a good 40 minutes to play catch up, talk about what’s up and what’s coming up in our crazy lives. In this episode, the Dad.fm trio do just that as

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Episode 12: Traveling With Kids

All the things! That is what we pack when we find ourselves traveling with kids. The Dad.fm guys share tips, stories, and memories of the times they packed up the family (and the family room) and stumbled through security at an airport or hit the open road with their kids. Jeff shares his #1 tip

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