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Episode 28: Dad’s Exercise Routine

Feel the burn on this exercise edition of! Drew and Jeff discuss their routines for getting healthy and what prompted the push for them each to crush it at the gym on a daily basis. Hear about Koko Fit, Drew amazingly modern gym and Jeff’s daily vitamin of choice, SmartyPants.

Episode 27: Free Range Parenting and Other Parenting Styles

The boys don’t usually dive into shark infested waters, but on this episode the trio of Adam Cohen, Andrew Bennett and Jeff Bogle discuss parenting styles in the aftermath of the latest free range parenting vs. state government standoff and arrest. Are you a helicopter mom, a free range parent, a snowplow dad? Wait,

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Episode 26: Lego Dimensions

LEGO unveiled, very much out of nowhere, a toys-to-life video game platform called LEGO Dimensions due in September of this year. On this quick episode of, the guys talk about how they first heard about Dimensions and share their thoughts and wishes for the newest video game portal playtime to invade our homes and

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Episode 24: The X-Files and Old TV Shows We Want Back

On this everything old is new again episode of, the guys talk a lot about The X-Files reboot with original cast members David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, and proselytize about how the 6 new episodes will be received best by fans old and new. Drew brings up some old Firefly bitterness and the guys

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Episode 23: Spontaneity!

Jeff brings the topic of being spontaneous to the table in this episode without briefing his co-hosts in advance, because, well, spontaneity! After a spontaneous trip to Cleveland and Syracuse to watch NCAA tournament basketball and a big decision made quickly to leave his kids home alone for the first time ever, Jeff asks Drew and

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Episode 22: Easter Baskets Full of Candy Candy Candy + a Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack Giveaway!

On this springtime holiday special, the guys TRIED to talk about Easter and Passover but the conversation quickly devolved into a chat about favorite candy. Jeff lamented the loss of his favorite Bar None chocolate bars from yesteryear, while professing a new modern love for candy bar clad in red and yellow wrapper. Adam confessed

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Episode 21: The Things We Collect

Are you a collector and/or a completist? This episode of is all about the things we collect. Drew proves the master collector of the bunch, with toys old and new filling up his home and storage. Jeff first doubts whether he has any collections and then slowly realizes his vinyl LPs, soccer scarves and

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Episode 20: The Guys Play Catch Up

Despite what you might think, Adam, Drew and Jeff don’t chit chat too often off mic. It makes sense then that sometimes, the fellas need a good 40 minutes to play catch up, talk about what’s up and what’s coming up in our crazy lives. In this episode, the trio do just that as

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Episode 19: Favorite Music of the Moment

On this favorite music mini-episode of, the guys talk about the music they are hooked on right this very moment. Jeff shares his love of the new Brandi Carlile album The Firewatcher’s Daughter, Josh Ritter’s first live acoustic album Acoustic Live Vol. 1, and talks about how he and his girls still cannot stop

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Episode 18: Cooking for and with the kids

The guys talk about the go-to meals they prepare for their kids and when might be the best time to introduce your kids to cooking. Jeff shares his two favorite meals to prepare for his family, including vegetarian options for his oldest daughter, and the new development of his 11-year-old cooking dinner once a

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