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Episode 35: Pets And Death

Drew and Jeff take a break from video games, superheroes and kid’s television on this episode to talk about pets, kids and the impact of a pet’s death on a family. Grab a box of tissues and listen to Drew’s cat story. And stick around to hear the tale of Jeff’s foray into the feline

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Episode 12: Traveling With Kids

All the things! That is what we pack when we find ourselves traveling with kids. The Dad.fm guys share tips, stories, and memories of the times they packed up the family (and the family room) and stumbled through security at an airport or hit the open road with their kids. Jeff shares his #1 tip

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Episode 8: Kids Bedtime Battles and Bath Routines

In and out of bed, again and again! Back-breaking bath times and too long showers! The Dad.fm trio of Adam Cohen, Drew Bennett and Jeff Bogle talk about Kids Bedtime Battles and Bath Routines on this episode. The guys try to answer the question: when is the best time for a kids bedtime, and they

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Episode 7: Valentine’s Day Traditions For Kids & Parents

Ah, a love so sweet…and manufactured? The Dad.fm guys talk about Valentine’s Day traditions for kids and parents and dive into the modern day big business of the love industrial complex on this special Valentine’s Day episode of the Dad.fm podcast. Adam, Drew and Jeff share how they do or don’t celebrate the candy-coated ‘holiday’

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